Unlike your traditional circus, Kelly Brothers are an all inclusive Community Circus that both lends its performers talents to the whole Community, as well as investing it’s profits back into local community projects.

Ringmaster Trevor Kelly, who originally hails from Dublin, Ireland has been in the circus industry since he was just 15 years of age, and has seen down through the years what a impact going to the circus, can have on a young child’s life. With this in mind, Trevor decided that when he was forming his own show that he would like to make a difference to children’s lives through the entertainment which they were going to enjoy, as well as by helping to contribute to the local Community, through donations of the shows profits to local childrens and Community projects.

Trevor ensures that children and adults alike are treated to a show that they will never forget and has had fantastic reviews by local media, since he first started his circus back in 2015.

About Kelly Brothers Circus